Is an expert in solar water heater and OEM manufacturer for brands have been registered worldwide exclusive.

Sunpo has a team of dedicated engineers working on solar product design and innovation, which has resulted in the supply of solar hot water products to over the world.

Sunpo is not only solar water heater manufacturer to provide global solutions to save energy, we are also committed to helping educate society on everyone can contribute to environmental protection and reduce the negative impact of climate change.

Sunpo is a partner of Chromagen in the production and distribution of solar hot water heater over the world.

Chromagen, a pioneer in the production of solar water solutions since 1962, has developed a solid global installed base, increasing supply and demand annually. Chromagen’s systems, which are available in more than 35 countries worldwide, bring innovation, quality and cost savings to home owners, institutions and commercial projects. The commitment to deliver top-of-the-line water-heating solar solutions is in conjunction with the belief to developed a solid global installed base, increasing supply and demand annually.

Why Sunpo?


Sunpo – Top-of-the-line manufacturing technology of products guaranteeing product safety, longevity and energy efficiency


Sunpo – Leading solar water heater solution company with a long time of experience bringing a history of reliable and stable products


Sunpo – Best-of-class products with long-life warranties


Sunpo – Compliance with all international standards


Sunpo – Commitment to deliver environmentally friendly products


Sunpo – Installations that come with accessories, such as the special anti-burn faucet


Sunpo – Specialized designed solutions for constructors, organizations and industry projects



Sunpo – Products that are manufactured on-site and quality tested

Our Values:

Best-in-class solar hot water

Environmental health

 Energy efficiency

Product innovation

Sunpo guarantees

Sunpo – Best-in-class clean hot water solutions

Sunpo committed to its promise to bring top-quality products to the end user. Each system uses materials that guarantee clear water and efficient water circulation, reducing the build-up of unwanted chemicals. Sunpo’s water-heaters, which are glass-lined, further ensure that the water stays clean.

Sunpo – Environmental health

Sunpo is committed to its customer’s by providing high quality, efficient systems, while being an integral participant in the worldwide cause for a cleaner environment. Working hand-in-hand with Mother Nature, Sunpo’s solutions ensure a healthier environment by reducing the need for electricity and safeguarding water quality output with its glass enameled storage tanks.

Sunpo – Energy efficiency

Sunpo works together with home owners, and the construction industry, providing technical expertise for system designs that reduce energy costs. Solutions are available for both single-family homes and mega complexes such as apartment houses, hotels, hospitals and industrial plants. Sunpo’s systems are certified and comply with global standards.

Sunpo – Product innovation

Sunpo’s production with the latest laser machinery. These advanced facilities reduce costs and guarantee top quality products for the end user.


Our Products are certified from European, Australia, American.