Central Installations

Sunpo’s central installations for home and commercial use, provide heated water in very large quantities by using an array of collectors. The number and size vary according to the water heating requirements. These installations are the perfect solution for apartment buildings, hotels, hospitals and industrial plants. They are generally backed up by conventional energy sources. Central installations can be operated with large storage tanks of over 1000 liters or with small individual storage tanks for each consumption unit.

Sunpo has vast experience in the design and implementation of large solar installations. Installations of this type require site specific designs. Not only are these applications resourceful, they also contribute to a healthy environment by preventing air pollution and energy saving.

Appropriate solution for each project :

Sunpo provide economic solutions and excellence. Sunpo Excel-Engin have Nature circulation system and Forced circulation system


Solar hot water is a simple upgrade that businesses can make to protect themselves from rising energy costs. A Sunpo  system can provide between 80-90% of a businesses annual commercial hot water free from the sun making it one of the most effective ways to save money on your energy.

When it comes to a commercial investment of any kind, one of the main considerations to take into account is the long-term reliability of the investment. Installing a solar thermal domestic hot water or space heating system is no exception. You want to be sure that the cost savings you will experience from the reduction in your current energy bills is not going to be spent on system maintenance or the repair of system components. Sunpo provides turnkey commercial solar thermal solutions which provide up to 20 years of system reliability. Our 50 years of engineering and design experience has resulted in the development of products and systems that require little, if any, maintenance.

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Solar Excel Engin Tank:

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Solar Water Heater for Commercial systems: