Chromagen, a pioneer in the production of solar water solutions since 1962, is the market-leader in Israel, which leads the world in per capita installations. Globally, the company has developed a solid install base, increasing supply and demand annually. Chromagen’s systems, which are available in more than 35 countries worldwide, bring innovation, quality and cost savings to home owners, institutions and commercial projects. The commitment to deliver top-of-the-line water-heating solar solutions is in conjunction with the belief to promote environmental awareness.

Chromagen has fine-tuned the design and manufacture of solar collectors to an art. Collectors are assembled using quality materials and advanced techniques, which result in highly efficient, durable products you can depend on for years to come. The products are environmentally friendly, remarkably versatile and offer high performance even in extreme environments. The wide range of solar collectors enables Chromagen to provide cost-effective solutions which comply with a variety of international standards.


1. Absorber Plate

Made of copper or aluminum sheet, laser or ultrasonically welded to copper tubes, ensuring high efficiency and durability.

2. Absorber Plate Coating

Selective paint or ultra selective sputtered coating with excellent energy absorption and very low energy emission for high performance even in cooler climates.

3. Insulation

The absorber plate is encased in 23 mm rigid polyurethane foam,with an option to additional layer of glass wool, retaining the collector’s heat.

4. Solar Glass Glazing

The single-pane 3.2 mm patterned and tempered solar glass has high solar transmittance of 91% and excellent durability.


5. Casings

A. Aluminum anodized aluminum extrusion casings are made of solid construction available in a natural or black color.

B. Galvanized steel casings are available in black, gray or white polyester paint finish.

6. Tubing Grid

16 mm or 8 mm copper risers brazed to 28 mm or 22 mm copper manifolds with optimal flow distribution.

7. Piping Connection

Four 3/4” BSPP female brass adaptors or clear cut edge for connector brazing.

8. Back Plate

The back plate is made of black polypropylene sheet.

9. Aluminum Foil

The aluminum foil, integrated to the insulation, acts as a barrier against out-gassing.


Specifications of Chromagen Collectors:

Chromagen guarantees:

Best-in-class clean hot water solutions:

Since the release of Chromagen’s pioneer system in 1962, the company remains committed to its promise to bring top-quality products to the end user. Each system uses materials that guarantee clear water and efficient water circulation, reducing the build-up of unwanted chemicals. Chromagen’s water-heaters, which are glass-lined, further ensure that the water stays clean.

Environmental health:


Chromagen is committed to its customer’s by providing high quality, efficient systems, while being an integral participant in the worldwide cause for a cleaner environment. Working hand-in-hand with Mother Nature, Chromagen’s solutions ensure a healthier environment by reducing the need for electricity and safeguarding water quality output with its glass enameled storage tanks.

Energy efficiency:

Chromagen works together with home owners, and the construction industry, providing technical expertise for system designs that reduce energy costs. Solutions are available for both single-family homes and mega complexes such as apartment houses, hotels, hospitals and industrial plants. Chromagen’s systems are certified and comply with global standards.

Product innovation:

Chromagen’s production complex consists of a 6000m2 thermo-tank factory and a 3500m2 collector factory with the latest laser machinery available. These advanced facilities reduce costs and guarantee top quality products for the end user, which Chromagen is known for in the market.